About Alex Dumas

As an international leadership coach, best-selling author, and speaker, I've dedicated my life to empowering corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to become win-win communicators.

With a background in Psychology and over a decade of nonprofit leadership experience,
I bring a unique perspective to sales, marketing, and team-building.  

My journey has been one of faith, family, and service. 
As a devoted husband and loving father, I understand the importance of strong relationships
and effective communication. 

This understanding, combined with my expertise in leadership and personal development, has allowed me to help countless individuals and organizations reach their full potential.  

Everyone can become a powerful, win-win communicator.

 Through my coaching, speaking, and writing, I'm committed to providing the tools
and strategies needed to make that a reality. 

I thought he was really effective.
I heard multiple people talking about things they wanted to implement afterwards...  
I appreciated the unique approach to the training vs. just providing coaching.
I think a lot of people were really engaged.  

SinnovaTek Communication Workshop June 2023 

Here's What I Want You to Know About Me
I've generated over 6-figure donations for charitable causes as a
global movement leader.

I've built thriving communities of BIPOC coaches worldwide.  

I've generated multiple 6-figures in revenue as a sales
and marketing expert.

I've trained high-performing teams in leadership
and communication.

Here's What I DON'T Want You to Know About Me
Around 6 years old, I created a story that I was unimportant. I didn't fit in,
and I didn't exist.

For many years, I allowed that story to keep everyone 
in my life at arm's distance. 

I would mask my pain behind humor and eventually turn to drugs to further isolate myself emotionally.

I know what it's like to make sure everyone else is taken care of 
and ignore my own well-being.

I know what it's like to be surrounded in a room with love and happiness yet feel completely trapped and alone.

Your invaluable presence at our recent 2024 OuterBanks Conference and your participation played a crucial role in making this event a resounding success.  

Darryl Hubbard
Executive Director
February 2024
What's Next?

   If we spent time together, 
I know you would see new opportunities for yourself.

I know your time, energy, and attention would undergo a radical shift towards what you truly desire.

You would finally be able to say the things you haven't felt safe to express yet. 

This is what I'll co-create with you if you're ready to get off of the sidelines of life and step on to the field of possibility.

The field is where all of the fun is.

If it isn't fun, it doesn't get done!